Something for the whole family

Everyone's experience and challenges with money are very different. Our courses are organized by stage more than age.

  • Financial Foundations (Youth)

    If you are not responsible for paying your own bills, or have never learned any concepts on personal finance - this is where we all begin!

    This stage is ideal for middle and high school aged students, as well as college students just getting started on their own.

  • Financial Stability

    If you you are responsible for your own finances and seeking to gain more financial stability - this is for you.

    This stage is ideal for anyone over the age of 18 who was never properly educated about money.

  • Financial Growth - Coming Soon!

    If you are financially stable and are looking to keep learning, connecting, and inspiring others - this is the stage for you.

    This stage is ideal for adults who are ready to build wealth, meaning your money game is stable and you're hungry to learn more.

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Growth courses coming soon!

Travel Hacking 201

Unlock free travel by mastering the credit game! 

Travel Hacking is a proven method of saving thousands of dollars on flights and travel, all while boosting your credit score!