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There are only 40 places available and enrollment closes July 5.
So, you'll have to hurry if you want to be a part of our first cohort.
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Course Outcomes

This course is not about flipping houses for a fast buck.
It's about systematically acquiring rental properties to grow your net worth over time.

  • How to Find and Evaluate Investment Opportunities --- From prospecting to renovations to valuations, we'll help you spot a great deal from a bad one

  • How to Mitigate Risk Each Step of the Process --- Learn how to finance the deal, manage the renovations, set up your insurance and titling, and protect yourself legally

  • Build Your Mastermind Team and Support System --- Build a trusted team around you to support you each step of the way

Meet Your Teacher

Ben Lyons

Ben Lyons is a 37-year veteran of the mortgage banking and real estate industries and has founded, built, and sold several mortgage banking platforms. He has owned a commercial bank, a title company, a consumer finance company, a mortgage bank, and has sponsored numerous residential and commercial real estate ventures. After serving on the boards of several schools, he now volunteers teaching personal finance and has written a book about increasing wealth through mortgage investing called “Be the Bank”. Ben is married with four children and lives in Florida and Maryland.
Ben Lyons - Expert Real Estate Investor & Your Guide!

Program Details

Real estate investing can be risky. It requires much more than just knowledge.

You need support, experience, & confidence!

Through this program, you'll get:
Instruction - Eight 90-Minute live zoom classes to learn the critical skills needed for investing.

Resources - Digital tools to help you easily evaluate investment opportunities, risks, and your return on investment

Expertise - Access to our Wealth Strategist Ben Lyons and his nearly 40 years of real estate expertise 

Accountability - Our team will help hold you accountable to your goals

Guidance - We'll give you the support you need to feel confident each step of the way

Course Expectations

To ensure you succeed, we will provide you with an abundance of:
Skills, Resources, Support, and Industry Professionals long after
the 8-week program ends.

In return, we simply ask the following of you:

  • Be Present: Please be prepared to be present from the beginning to the end of the session.

  • Be Stationary: Please be prepared to participate from a stationary spot. Participation from a moving vehicle, while on a walk, etc. will not work.

  • Be Engaged: This is all on Zoom, so please be prepared to have your camera on the whole time. It makes the whole experience better. It probably won't work to use your phone - prepare accordingly and dress as you would be at your best.

  • Be Open to Sharing: We expect you to share your goals, dreams, aspirations, frustrations, questions, and connect with the people in this community - that's why we made it. Share and be open!

Course Schedule Options

Due to high demand, we will be running 2 individual cohorts during our next session.

Let us know in our interview which team do you want to be on.
  • Gold Team

    Tuesday Evening 6:30 PM (EST)
    July 6 - August 24

  • Green Team

    Saturday Mornings 11:00 AM (EST)
    July 10 - August 28

Special Bonus

Beyond the course, we've put together a few extras just for our members

  • Expert Panel

    We've put together an amazing panel of experts who will share their knowledge and tips with you as an extra Wednesday night event.

  • Monthly Community Calls

    You'll get 6 calls with Ben Lyons, The Ortus Team, & other experts for follow-up questions and support!

All lessons and Q&A sessions will be recorded and posted online in case you can't make a scheduled time.

  • Course curriculum

    • 1

      Path to $1M Net Worth

      • Getting Started

      • The Wealth Formula

      • Strategy 1 - Buy & Rent

      • Strategy 2 - Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance

      • Coursework

    • 2

      How to Analyze a Deal

    • 3

      Valuations & Marketability

    • 4

      The Transaction

    • 5

      Property Management

    • 6

      Building Your Mastermind Team