Does it feel like you are spending money when you shop online?

Most young adults say 'no'

With one-click purchases, auto-saved credit cards, and free 2 day shipping, shopping online is easier than ever, which can be great, until it's a big problem!

In this mini-course, we'll uncover why online shopping is so dangerous, and what you can do to cut back your spending in a time of rapidly changing technology.

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The world is changing very fasy

How we earn and spend money is changing fast too

Do you feel like you can't stop yourself from buying something when the strong urges hit?

Spending online is very emotional and influenced by small psychological subtleties. Companies know that. You should too!

Online Spending is a Foundations (youth) level course that explores how credit cards and technology lead us to overspend and slide into debt.

It comes as a part of the Financial Foundations bundle along with Money & Independence and the Content Cafeteria.

What this course will do for you

Believe it or not, learning about money can be fun

  • Discover how credit cards work and why it's so important to avoid falling into debt

  • Explore how online shopping influences our psychology and behaviors with money

  • Learn 12 new strategies you can start today to cut back online spending

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Online Spending

    • How to Control Your Spending Online

    • Where Are You Now?

  • 2

    How Credit Cards Fool People

    • How Credit Cards Fool People

  • 3

    Psychology of Online Spending

    • Psychology of Online Spending

  • 4

    12 Ways to Spend Less Now

    • 12 Ways to Spend Less Now

  • 5

    Closing Thoughts

    • There are No Re-Dos with Debt

    • Let's See What You Learned

Learn about money the practical way

Invest a little time and money into financial education and action, and watch your money grow!