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  • Podcast Interviews

    Coach Aaron interviews guests from all walks of life to learn essential money skills from the best source possible, real people's stories. Whether it's learning about divorce, materialism, stock investing, or financial coaching, each interview will leave you feeling a little more inspired and knowledgeable than before you were before you watched it.

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    These are bite-sized How-To videos on all things money. We poll our community for what they want to learn about most, and then film video responses to the most relevant money questions. Much like our YouTube channel, these videos are here to help you quickly, where you need it most. Let us know what questions you have!


Vulnerable Storytelling & Fresh Perspective

THIS WEEK - WOW. Thank you to Sherry (Dudley) Nickerson for this incredibly vulnerable and powerful interview!

Sherry is a Financial Analyst who helps people navigate through the finances of divorce. She shares her own personal experience with:

1. Recovering from financial collapse from a divorce

2. How she cut back her essential spending

3. How she built back her credit score

4. How she coaches others to manage the painful and shameful emotions of dealing with divorce and recovery

While there are amazing lessons here on divorce, this is really about recovery. Her words could not be more timely as we are all experiencing recovery right now in some form or another.

Money How-Tos

Newly added How-To videos on everything Financial Intelligence

Every other week we'll add another new video on how to build Financial Intelligence.

Recent videos include:

- How to Eat Well on a Budget

- When Should You Get a Financial Advisor?

- How to Get A Financial Advisor

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    Money How-Tos

    • A Smarter Way to Buy Coffee

    • Stock Market vs. The Economy

    • Challenging 'Disposable Income'

    • When Should I Get a Financial Advisor?

    • How to Get a Financial Advisor

    • How to Eat Well on a Budget

    • Coronavirus Financial Survival Guide

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    • Consistency Over Intensity - Wisdom for Life with Jeff Morton

    • Teaching Financial Literacy with Chris Banks

    • Financial Coaching with Amy Scott

    • Navigating a Sales Career with Kate McCambley

    • Recovering from Divorce with Sherry Nickerson

    • Investing in Stocks with Ope Thomas

    • Managing Emotional Triggers with Kelly Resendez

    • How to Stay Motivated during Coronavirus with Mike Goncalves

    • Navigating Your Career Path