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What People are Saying About Money Club

"I'm actually budgeting now"

Cole Barger

"Thanks to Money Club, I'm actually budgeting regularly for the first time in my life. As an entrepreneur, this has been extremely helpful for me. The lessons were very relatable, and I love that I barely had to read. It was all watch, listen, play, try . . ."

"An amazing experience"

Jenny Baird

"Thanks for OPENING MY EYES, helping me to change my way of thinking, and helping me feel incredibly liberated! It has been an amazing experience to go through this process and come out the other side working for myself! I’m floored at my newfound confidence and truly feel like I could do anything now that I’ve been through your program!"

"They're telling us what society isn't"

Aaleyah Spellman

"I loved learning my money personality and hearing other people's success/struggle stories. Whether it’s about how advertising really works or different paths to good jobs, they’re telling us what society isn’t."

"Way more interactive than MasterClass"

Nick Capicotto

“This course made budgeting very clear and actually interesting. The course was very digestible with all the videos, games, analogies. It’s actually fun - way more interactive and immersive than masterclass. I loved hearing the interviews, almost like listening to a podcast with guests. It was very thought provoking. It really digs into the ‘why’ behind each of my choices. ”

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    Engaging videos, Interactive mini-games, Step by Step guides, Tools for money management, and Resources for self discovery, all to help you build Financial Stability


    It takes a village. Q&A's with Money Club coaches, weekly Tips & Inspirations, and access to other Money Club members all help you build accountability & healthy money habits


    Like health or nutrition, Financial Intelligence is a recurring practice. Our Money Positioning System helps you plan, track, and navigate your path to Financial Stability

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  • How do I know if Money Club is right for me?

    Money Club is for a driven, curious individual that understands that money is a real part of the world. We aren't taught about it in school, or colleges even, and yet it tends to determine so much of our lives. Why is this? You'll find the answer here in Money Club. This is a club for those that want to take action towards their future. Here, we openly talk about money, so that we can understand and learn from each other and develop practices and habits that unlock an entirely new life and set of possibilities for ourselves. If you've thought about growing your money, building stability, learning about credit, opening a business, generating wealth, Money Club is a place where you can learn about it and begin the growing process. Developing this kind of skill and mindset isn't always easy, but we're here for you every step of the way. With multiple starting points, topics and resources, you'll be able to find support that's relevant to you and where you are, personalized so your Money Club experience is just for you. We can't wait to support your journey. Welcome to Money Club!

  • How can Money Club help me?

    Money Club is a suite of content, tools, resources, guides and connections to unlock a whole new future for yourself, financially and beyond. You'll learn about yourself and about money, and by understanding more about both of those, you'll be able to take on new challenges and changes that present an entirely different financial reality for yourself. Money Club will give you the tools, mindset and skills to level up your life. You'll learn how to make different choices, how to shift your mindset, how to develop financial skills, and find places you can learn the tactics for financial growth. As a member, you'll get access to all of our courses and content so you can get the most out of your investment, based on what it is you need help with. We're here to make sure you're successful, and want to give you everything needed to make a positive life change. Money Club is here to help you grow, and we're committed to delivering that.

  • Why is Money Club a subscription? Is it refundable?

    Money Club is a place where the conversation about money is welcomed. It's also a place to continually evolve and grow, financially and emotionally. We will be adding new content weekly and monthly to keep you moving forward, and can't wait to help you achieve your goals. Your investment helps us create more content that's relevant for you and keeps content creation coming. Creating good content is easy. Creating great content is not. Any investment you make in Money Club is an investment in yourself. Yearly subscriptions can be refunded on a prorated basis, but your monthly subscription is not. However, if you need support with your membership or want to talk to us about your situation, we are happy to do our best to uplift you.